4 Nail Polish Colors To Try For Winter

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One of the best things about winter— trying different winter nail polish colors. Even if you have the good-looking nail shape, you still need the nail colors to show off your temperament.

Here we introduce 4 popular nail polish colors for winter.

1. Wine red

nail polish color wine red

Generally speaking, girls hate the big red color, but like the wine red with a darker color. It seems that it has red passion and dazzling color, and it is not restrained and elegant at the same time. Under the sunshine refraction, it also has a little gradual change feeling. Girls who like retro-style can try this color. The most important thing is that it makes one’s skin look white, and makes one have no fear for their yellow skin.

2. Dark brown

nail polish color dark brown

Dark Brown also caters to the atmosphere of the New Year. The color super set off one’s thin in body and white in the skin. Many friends think that darker brown will make their hands darker and dimer. In fact, this is not true. On the contrary, the darker color set off the white color. And the dark brown color belongs to the middle of black and red, which is a good foil to the current season. How is the red maple leaf? And it can also highlight the beauty of the hand.

3. Matt Reddish-brown

nail polish color reddish brown

The matt color nail looks very texture, unlike previous nail polish which touches smooth. The matt color looks like a little sense of grinding, which attracts people to touch it by hands. This one is Reddish-brown with leopard print, and both are popular elements this year. It’s perfect to combine them together. The magnificence of reddish brown does not lose its connotation, nor is it too low-key and publicize. The leopard pattern is more naughty and cute, this series of nails is really so beautiful that has no words to descript. And it can line out of our little lovely hands collocating with sweaters or cloth coats in winter.

4. Gray

nail polish color grey

They all say that “people who like gray will not be very bad on taste”. Gray seems to belong to low-key and high-level color. Whether it is used on wearing clothes or nails, it is popular with the public and is often the first choice. Appropriate gray can show your elegance anytime and anywhere. Light gray is more popular than dark gray and looks more harmonious and comfortable. If each finger is a uniform color, it will be a little dull to a certain degree. We can blend the colors by using the nail polish of the same color series. Of course, drawing some lattice is to bring the painted dragon to life by putting in the pupils of its eyes. More patterns, more witty appearance.

Although nails polishing is not suitable for regular work,  our ladies still feel that they need to try a different nail posh color in these winter days. Being exquisite and most fashionable, you deserve one of the above nail polish colors.

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