A cosmetic about makeup brushes, is your makeup brush qualified?

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Good evening~ I played Facebook a few days ago and found to a very interesting topic, called, which is not good at but has a hobby. I clicked in and saw that “makeup” was a high vote. I often send some makeup tutorials to everyone, but I still get some questions in the background.

In addition to the confusion of cosmetics, how to use makeup brushes is a huge problem for new makeup artists. Even if you watch a lot of videos of beauty bloggers, it is still unclear. “Which brushes are so similar in length!” These are the differences between the small handles and the long hairs in the eyes of everyone. How do you distinguish them? Don’t worry, today I will take a look at the use of these makeup brushes with everyone!



Material difference

Before we get to know all the makeup brushes, let’s take a look at the material of the makeup brush. In general, cosmetic brushes are divided into natural animal hair and artificial hair. Natural animal hair is mainly made of wool, squirrel hair and horse hair. The texture is very soft, the powder is strong, and the makeup on the upper face is very good. However, the shortcomings of animal hair are high cost, high price, and need careful care, otherwise it will quickly lose its elasticity and service life.


Although the texture of the man-made fiber is hard, the price can be more than that of the relatives. And the biggest advantage of artificial hair is that it does not require deliberate maintenance, and repeated cleaning will not change its durability. Today’s artificial hair manufacturing technology is becoming more mature, and the sense of use is not particularly bad. So, if you are a novice plus slum girl, the drama is still more recommended for cheap and elastic artificial hair makeup brush, more cost-effective.


Classification of makeup brushes

Foundation Brush

Our common foundation brushes are basically divided into three types: flat head, flat head and toothbrush shape. Three brushes are available for different makeup and makeup techniques, so you can start with your own makeup needs.


The flat head brush is suitable for the thin liquid foundation. Because this shape requires a flat brushing method, the hiding power is quite touching. It is more suitable for the liquid foundation with strong water and light, which can give a good gloss. muscle. However, the disadvantage is that it is prone to brush marks.



The flat-bottomed foundation brush has a higher matching degree with the matte foundation. The method used is usually “circling” to create a polished skin with a polished skin filter. The flat-bottomed foundation brush is relatively simple for beginners, so it is very popular.



Toothbrush foundation brush and flat head usage are similar, the biggest advantage is that the brush is large, the makeup speed is fast, it is suitable for lazy people to use, 10 seconds makeup is appropriate.


Powder brush

There is not much restriction on the selection of loose powder brushes. As long as the brush head is large enough and the bristles are soft and fluffy, there will be no mistakes. Our common loose powder brush has a drop shape and a flame shape, and the water drop shape is round and round. After the loose powder is applied, the entire face can be swept in a circular motion. The fire-fighting loose powder brush has a long bristle, a wide slant surface, and a moderate and uniform gripping force. The method used is to take a loose powder and gently pat the face on the side of the brush. The contact between the fire brush and the skin is softer, and it is suitable for girls with sensitive skin as a makeup brush.



Eyebrow brush

There are two kinds of eyebrow brush, one is a spiral eyebrow brush that every makeup girl must have. The biggest role is to comb the eyebrows and smudge the brow to prevent the eyebrows from appearing too rigid.

There is also a kind of beveled eyebrow brush which is generally used with eyebrow glue, which can easily create clean eyebrows in Europe and America. If you don’t paint European and American makeup, it’s probably not used, but many girls feedback is good for drawing eyeliner.



Eye shadow brush

The choice of eye shadow brush should be a headache for many girls, because the model and shape are too much. I am here to tell you that it is enough to remember that you want to buy two functions of “coloring” and “smudge”.

Most of the colored eye shadow brushes are flat-headed tongues, and the bristles are short and dense. Each model of the large, medium and small models should be prepared to meet the details of the corners of the eyes, the end of the eyes and other details. There is no specific usage for eye shadow brushes, so it’s fine to draw them yourself. However, I still recommend that you superimpose the eye shadow color a few times, so that the subsequent blooming steps can be made easier.



The round head’s smudge brush is soft and fluffy, and the length and hardness are moderate. This shape can help us soften the edges of the eyeshadow, making the eye makeup look very natural and layered.


Eyeliner brush

The eyeliner brush is also mostly flat, the brush is hard and short, so the design is very good control, and the eyeliner can draw smooth and clear eye lines. The beveled eyebrow brush mentioned above is also very suitable for drawing the eyeliner. The bevel is very close to the curvature of the eye. The effect of superimposing the eye shadow to smudge the eyeliner is also very good, and the effect is naturally not hard.
Pony’s beauty video has repeatedly used a bevel brush to draw the eyeliner. After reading it, I just have the same paragraph!



Highlight/red brush

The high-gloss brush and the blush brush are well recognized. I tell you that these two are the “reduced version” of the loose powder brush. The flame shape is suitable for high light, the shape is very close to the cheekbones, and the moderate size can also be controlled without losing the whole handle. The face is painted into a polished board. There is also a fan-shaped high-gloss brush, but the brush of this shape is very thin, it is easy to draw a stiff line on the face, not too good to master, novices try to avoid it.



The blush brush has two kinds of oval and flat heads, and the round and fat blush brush has stronger grip strength, higher density and better smudge color.The round shape is suitable for large-area arc shadows, such as the oblique blush of a mature sense; the flat-headed blush brush is used for cute makeup, and the flat head draws blush and gently spreads on the apple muscle, and one second becomes The cheek of the girl.



Highlight and shadow brush

Most of the repairing brushes are fire heads or beveled heads, with moderate softness, relatively fluffy, and strong gripping power. I personally feel that the repairing brush of the fire head is more ribbed, and it requires a lot of skill to draw a good-looking shadow with it.

he beveled repair brush is a strong push! The beveled arc is ergonomic and fits perfectly into the shape of the face. Not only the cheeks, but also the chin and forehead can be taken care of.
The method of using the bevel repairing brush is to take the repair powder from the bottom of the tibia to the direction of the hairline of the deafness, swipe 2-3 times; then from the bottom of the ear to the chin, along the contour of the face Sweep the powder.



Lip brush

Many girls complain that the shape of the lipstick they applied is always very strange. It is not a dissatisfaction or a wipe to the outside of the lip line. In fact, you just have a lip brush. The lip brush line is slender and the bristles are hard, which is ideal for contouring the corners of the mouth.



Girls who are reluctant to buy a lip liner can use a lip brush to draw a lipstick to outline the lip line, and then fill the lip with the same color lipstick, your lip makeup can be full and three-dimensional.





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