A woman with temperament knows how to stick to 10 small habits of life and exudes temperament from the inside and outside.

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The charm of a woman is not only an appearance, but also a temperament. In fact, no matter how old a woman is, she should know how to be self-disciplined, and ask herself from the details. A woman who is truly “advanced” knows how to adhere to these 10 small habits of life. Persevere, exude temperament from the inside out, make you beautiful and advanced!

1, Exercise on time

Exercise can make your body healthier, and it can secrete amine polyphenols on time, not only to keep your body fit, but also to make your skin more meticulous!

2, wash your face thoroughly

Women should seriously remove makeup every day, whether or not they have makeup, remove makeup at night, women can put a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover on the face for 5~10 seconds, then gently wipe, so that can be more thorough. When a woman washes her face with facial cleanser, the facial cleanser should not be directly on the face, first make a foam on the hand, then circle from bottom to top, and finally wipe the water with a cleansing wipe.


3, make up every day

No matter how lazy or rushed, women should remember to paint light makeup when they go out. Sunscreen and isolation should be used every day. If you don’t want to apply makeup, you can use plain cream. For women who want makeup, you can use loose powder to make makeup and draw simple and appropriate eyebrows. With blush and lipstick to enhance the color. It is not only the respect for the people around us, but also the importance attached to them.


4, attach importance to hair

Women who are self-disciplined and temperament will pay attention to their own hair. They may not dye perm, but they will trim their hair on time. Healthy and good-looking hair can make people look more refined. “Advanced”, girls who don’t pay attention to hair are also prone to hair loss. Waiting for poor questions. A black and beautiful hair can make women more attractive!

5, using a steam face meter

When changing seasons, skin problems such as dry face are particularly prone to occur. At that time, because the skin is dehydrated, after the sun is in the summer, the woman will repair or replenish the water, but in the autumn and winter, winter and spring seasons, there are many women who ignore the hydration. The problem is that hydration can bring the skin to a stable state. Women should learn to use the steam face meter, 2~3 times a week, each time 10~15 minutes, the skin pores will open after the steaming face is finished. At this time, the skin care steps will be better, and the skin will persist for a long time. It can restore fine and elastic, white and shiny.


6, adhere to the hand cream

The charm of a woman is not only on the face, but should pay attention to all the details of her. Skin care is not only used on the face, but also on the care of the hands. Women should learn and stick to the hand cream, a pair of dark yellow and rough skin. The hand is really unpleasant, a self-disciplined woman should have a hand cream in the bag and stick to it for a long time!

7, brush your teeth sooner or later

A smile is a woman’s “fascination”. A woman with a bright smile and a good-looking tooth can make people have a good impression, so women must do a good job of “protecting” their teeth. Brushing your teeth in the morning, everyone can do it, but if you brush your teeth at night, there are still some women who can’t insist on doing it. When you remember to brush it, you can go straight to sleep when you are lazy. This way you can’t do it. As a result, otherwise the teeth are yellowed, and laughing can be unsightly!


8, before going to bed cream

Women should do basic skin care before going to bed every day. After cleansing and washing their face, use a toner to wipe, then apply the essence and eye cream. Finally, lock the moisture with the lotion to fall asleep! Moreover, when a woman is 25 years old, it is easy to have eye lines. Before going to bed, there must be a habit of wiping eye cream. The eye cream can make the skin around the eyes more delicate and delicate, and there is no “rust”.


9, lip care

Even if women don’t like lipstick, they should also do lip care. Especially in this season, women should bring a colorless lip balm in the bag, add a little moisturizing to the dry lips, and apply it at night before going to bed. Apply lip balm on the next day. It will make the dead skin fall and the lips more shiny. Persist in lip care on time, can reduce lip lines, make lips more delicate and shiny, get rid of “rusty”!


10, soak your feet on time

A self-disciplined woman will understand the importance of health, and the foot can effectively promote the circulation of blood on the soles of the feet, making our skin more full of color. A woman with a radiant look, the skin looks more rosy and delicate, and the delicate skin can make you Easily get rid of the “rusty face”.

A woman must know how to be self-discipline regardless of her age. Can a woman who is self-disciplined be able to ask herself to a higher standard and want to be a woman with self-discipline and temperament? Sticking to these 10 small habits every day, you can make your skin more rosy and delicate, firm and shiny, get rid of the “rusty face”, adhere to these 10 small habits of life, let us exude elegant temperament from the inside and outside.


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