About us

 We believe that every girl love the have a good daily makeup

   And we, Terresa, are a brand that goes above and beyond

     providing high-quality makeup tool to ladies and cuties!

              What could you get in Terresa?

     It is not only Beauty

but also Confidence, Positive,  Happiness!



Terresa makeup brush


Terresa Graza is a makeup lover, and she loves to get the trend of makeup fashion. As a girl, to get a new and good daily look could make her feel confident and happy. For trying the different makeup, she spends a lot of money to buy the makeup tool, especially the makeup brush. At the same time, she just found a question, there is a lot of makeup brush in the shop, although the different brush has a different function. But the same thing is the good makeup brushes are very expensive in the physical store, as she knows, the cost of the brushes are not very high. May she could make the cost-effective makeup brushes on the on-lion shop! Then she had her own on-lion shop called-Terresa, and offer the good but not expensive brushes to the girl who loves makeup. As it is popular by the people, her shop adds different makeup tool including but not limited the hair tool, personal care tool, and so on.