Blackheads always “catch” your skin? Several ways to make blackheads move away

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Blackheads always “catch” your skin? Several ways to make blackheads move away

The quality of the skin can affect whether our makeup is exquisite, and there are several “culprits” that affect the health of the skin. Among them, blackheads are one of the most culprit “culprits”. You may have tried a lot of methods, but in the end it is not ineffective or the effect is not obvious. So, what methods should we use to effectively remove stubborn blackheads to create a clean look? The following small series introduces you to several useful methods to help you remove blackheads.

First of all, we must first understand the reason why blackheads exist. Blackheads are also known as open-type acne. The main cause of this problem is related to the blockage of hair follicle sebaceous glands. The occurrence of pore blockage is mainly related to the dust and smog and other dirty things in the air. Blockages are often oils secreted by keratinocytes or the surface of the skin. Some patients with blackheads may be associated with aphid infection. So, the first thing we want to do to remove blackheads is to clean the face deeply and clean the blockages in the hair follicles. Of course, the facial cleanser is the best choice, but we should pay attention to the face when choosing. The composition and efficacy of milk cannot solve the blackheads in a targeted manner. After all, there are a lot of facial cleanser products on the market, and their functions are very different. The facial cleanser can reach deep cleansing, clean up the blockage in the deep, and the blackhead will naturally disappear. Just a simple cleansing facial cleanser can only clean the surface of the skin, it is not able to achieve the effect of blackheads.

But we can’t completely clean up all the blackheads after washing our faces. After cleaning, there may be some residuals on our faces that have not been cleaned up. At this time, we need to clean twice and clean the remaining dirt. At this time, it was completely complete to clean our face. So, what we use in the second cleaning is the mask we often use. However, because the functionality of the mask is very different, we must look at the effect of the mask you choose when you choose to go to the blackhead. It’s not good to buy a pass and it won’t work. Then we need to pay attention to the permeability of the mask is good, we should pay attention to the cleaning after use.

But it is not difficult for us to find out that the most “love” of blackheads is the nose. Therefore, we are paying more attention to the cleaning of the nose position than other parts. Many of us use the nasal membrane to remove blackheads for the treatment of blackheads on the nose, but have you paid attention to the cleaning of the nose and the sides of the nose?

Cleaning the nose and sides of the nose is also a very critical step we need to notice on a daily basis. At this time, I recommend using a nasal wash brush. The hairbrush is very delicate, does not hurt the skin, can clean sebum, obstruction of pores, blackheads. Its special structure makes it very convenient for us to clean the bad side of the nose. This kind of nasal brush is cheap and practical. If you need it, you may wish to try it.


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