Can nail lamps be used to dry ordinary nail polish?

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Before analyzing whether a nail lamp can be used to bake nail polish, let’s take a look at the principle of using a nail lamp. The nail lamp is usually used to bake dry nail polish. The nail polish is a mixture. The main component is resin. Its chemical formula is C15H16O2. The material has photocuring properties. Therefore, in general packaging, the nail polish bottle will be coated with a layer of anti-transparent paint to prevent it from solidifying in the bottle.

Nail lamp baking dry nail polish is also based on its chemical principle, which can be quickly cured under the irradiation of long-wave ultraviolet rays, and the adhesion is enhanced.


There are two major families of nail lamps, one is a UV nail lamp, and the other is an LED nail lamp. The main light waves are ultraviolet rays. The UV nail lamps contain a wide range of ultraviolet wavelengths, while the LED nail lamps have a narrow ultraviolet wavelength range.

We all know that UV-irradiated skin can cause damage to skin tissue cells, but why should we use UV rays for nail art? Part of the ultraviolet light is called long-wave ultraviolet light, and the wavelength is between 320 and 400 nm. This part of the ultraviolet light is extremely small to the skin. It usually takes a hundred years to continue to exert its effect on the skin, which is almost negligible.

The UV wavelength of LED nail lamps can be well controlled at around 370 nm. Scientific studies have shown that this band of ultraviolet rays can affect human cells for at least 300 years, and it can react well with nail polish. Because the LED nail lamp has a higher cost and the effect is relatively good, the UV damage is extremely low, so the price will be much higher than the UV nail lamp.


Let’s take a look at nail polish. Its main components include: acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalate, formaldehyde, etc. Nail polish is generally air-dried. It can be accelerated by air flow and increased temperature. The process is natural. The reaction does not react with ultraviolet light like a nail gel.

Going back to our original question, can nail lamps be used to bake ordinary nail polish? Obviously, except that the nail lamp can increase the local temperature and accelerate the curing of the nail polish, it has no effect, and the effect is not as good as the dried nail glue, and the speed is not so fast.


Finally, nail polish and nail glue are two different concepts, and the chemical composition is completely different. The nail lamp is designed for the drying of nail glue. It is best not to use it for nail polish. And complex, ultraviolet light may trigger toxicity, it is recommended to use separately to avoid unnecessary emergencies.


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