DIY Manicure | How do you make your nail art look like you spent $100?

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I found that the nails are not as complicated as I thought. Girls can give themselves and their girlfriends a beautiful nail. Let’s teach you how to make your nails look like 100+ dollars! ! ! Let the Starbucks waiter keep asking where you are doing this shiny manicure!


First: basic tools


The tools needed for nail art are not too many. The necessary ones are just a few. The tools that go to the dead skin will not be introduced. The more dead skin will be, the more the hand cream will be the king!

Essential items shopping list:


  1. Nail file: It is the sanding strip that polishes the nail surface to make the nail more firm!


  1. Nail Glue: How can I make nail polish without nail polish? !


The most practical match is a bottle of removable primer + a bottle of tempered seal + solid color nail polish

In addition to the popular color that I like, I strongly recommend the milky white protein gel and the gold or silver or pink small flash, so that all kinds of styles are super good match.


  1. Nail lights


  1. Alcohol cotton tablets

The nail polish before the light is baked can be wiped off, and it can be done with alcohol cotton.


Second: Advanced Tools


Drilling glue

The effect that you want to shine is definitely to stick it.


  1. Various accessories


The small gold circle, small diamonds, triangular gold circle, gold and silver platinum paper, metal wire and white pink shell pieces are all simple and beautiful decorations.


Basic tutorial

The first step: sanding the nail surface, this is to make the nail surface uneven, so that the nail polish adheres to the nail for a longer time.


The second step: wipe the surface of the alcohol to remove the broken nails.


The third step: apply the primer, do not touch too much glue on the brush, just a thin layer of uniform. After finishing the baking lamp, depending on the type and power of the LED lamp, the time is different. Generally speaking, it can be 1-2min.


The fourth step: the first layer of color, is also to follow the principle of thin and less, evenly painted, pay attention to try not to paint the nail border, if it is painted out, gently wipe off with alcohol cotton before baking the lamp. Don’t repeat the multi-layer application because you think the color is not deep enough, because we have to paint more than once, or finish the lamp.


Steps 5 and 6: Repeat the fourth step, depending on the depth of the color you want, apply a few layers.


Step 7: Upper Seal – Lights – Finish!


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