Easily Get Makeup Brush Cleaning Method

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makeup brush cleaning

The makeup brush is the necessary tool for makeup. And it is important to master the ways for makeup brush cleaning. If the makeup brush is not cleaned regularly, it may cause bacteria which will make a great impact on our facial hygiene.

So what if the makeup brush is dirty? How to clean the makeup brush?

Below are the three effective methods for you.

Detail Methods for Makeup Brush Cleaning

1.Using wet tissue for partial cleaning 

Put the brush head of the makeup brush on the wet tissue and smear it several times. By doing this, the makeup powder could be easily sucked up by the tissue. This could help to do the partial cleaning.

makeup brush partial cleaning

2.Using Cleaner for partial cleaning

Get the right amount of cleaning solution and pour it into a small jar. Then soak the brush into the liquid with the brush hair rubbing back and forth. After that, wipe off the excess liquid with a paper towel.

makeup brush partial cleaning

3.Deep cleaning 

When it is partially cleaned, the makeup brush could not be thoroughly cleaned. For this reason, deep cleaning of the makeup brush is required when it is using for a long time.

It is recommended to clean the makeup brush by using a baby shower gel or a brush pad cleaning solution. Get the right amount of the cleaning on the plate, and add some water. Then using the brush to dip the detergent with some water, rubbing back and forth on the palm for times. Finally, rinse the makeup brush with clean water.

makeup brush deep cleaning

No matter which cleaning method you take, please consider below tips for better cleaning your brush for your better use.

1. Do not reverse the bristle when cleaning

2. Use a paper towel to wipe off the excess liquid gently

3. Hair dryer or putting in the sun for drying is not recommended

4. Hang the makeup brush and allow the bristles to dry down after cleaning

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