Easy Tutorials on Natural-Looking Eyebrows Drawing

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Eyebrow makeup is a very important part for every complete makeup. However, how to draw eyebrows? How to draw suitable eyebrows?

Steps of Eyebrows Drawing

comb eyebrow with brush

Before drawing our eyebrows, we need to use an eyebrow brush to comb it and make it smooth. By doing this, our eyebrows shape would be more clear, which would be easier for drawing eyebrows.

After combing the eyebrows, we could see the disordered hair more clearly. And what we need to do first is to remove the disordered hairs with eyebrows tweezers, which could help to remove the hairs completely.

remove the disordered hairs

Eyebrow Tweezers Recommendation

As for the eyebrows tweezers, here a tweezers set is recommended. Terresa eyebrow tweezers include 4 different kinds of tweezers for your different using purpose. This eyebrow tweezers set is made of medical-quality stainless steel to ensure every hygienic use. What’s more, it comes with a travel case, which is easy for storage and traveling.

Terresa eyebrow tweezer set

We could also use a pair of eyebrows scissors to trim our eyebrows so that to keep the eyebrow hair in the same length. This also helps to draw clean eyebrows.

For the next step, we need to use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to draw an appropriate eyebrow shape. We could draw an eyebrow according to our facial shape and personal temperament. The flat eyebrow shape is not suitable for all the facial shapes, especially for round faces.

If you are not sure of your eyebrow shape, you could try a natural tail-dropping eyebrow. When drawing tail-dropping eyebrows, if the head of your eyebrows is high, then you can focus on drawing the bottom of the eyebrows. If the head of your eyebrows is low, then focus on the top. Remember to draw the eyebrow following the direction of the eyebrow flow.

draw an appropriate eyebrow shape

After drawing the eyebrow, we fill the gap with eyebrow powder. Generally speaking, we would choose the eyebrow powder which is similar to our own hair color. There is no need to powder the head of your eyebrow part. If the color of the eyebrows head is too heavy, it will give people a heavy sense of makeup. So you just need to gently apply the eyebrow powder along the eyebrow shape without applying on the head part.

gap with eyebrow powder

By doing this step by step, you could draw a perfect eyebrow shape. So do you get today’s tip?

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