Eyebrow Grooming Tips for Men

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Our face and eyebrows vary from person to person. If you want to get an appropriate eyebrow shape, of course, we should consider the eyebrow trimming comprehensively from the face, eye shape, and eyebrow shape and other aspects. So does it to men. It seems no need to pay attention to the details of eyebrow makeup as much as women for men, but men also need to pay attention to the following skills.

Eyebrow Grooming Skills

Clear eyebrows are a distinct feature that distinguishes men from women. Men’s eyebrows should be natural and generous. Most of them are digit-one-like eyebrows and sword eyebrows. They should not be over-modified so as to successfully embody mature and stable masculinity.

The direction of eyebrow growth is actually not consistent, men’s appear more cluttered and dense than women’s. Before trimming eyebrow, the shape of eyebrow itself should be sorted out with an eyebrow comb.

The eyebrow should be oblique, the middle of the eyebrow should be parallel, and the eyebrow tail should be oblique. When combing, comb eyebrows smoothly according to the order of growth.

Men need to determine the position of eyebrow head, eyebrow peak, and eyebrow tail when trimming eyebrow. The eyebrow head should be beyond the radian of the eye, the eyebrow peak should be outside the black eyeball, and the eyebrow tail should not be shorter than the extension line of the outer eye angle.

It can be adjusted according to the characteristics of individual eyebrows, and then mark the three points with eyebrow pen. If the eyebrow peak is too close to the outside, you can adjust it to make your face narrow. If the angle between the eyebrow peak and the eyebrow is too big, then lower the eyebrow peak point, so as to make the eyebrow look flat.

Terresa eyebrow tweezers can precisely remove fine and short hair.

terresa eyebrow tweezers

The front end is oblique, even fine hair and short hair can be clamped. And its elasticity is moderate. Apart from eyebrows, other miscellaneous hair can also be easily removed.

In contrast to women’s eyebrow trimming, men’s grooming is relatively easy. So do you get these easy eyebrow grooming tips?

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