Eyebrows Trimming Methods – Step by Step

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Modern women pay great attention to the beauty of eyebrows. However, the incorrect operation of eyebrow trimming could result in skin damage. The correct method of eyebrow trimming should be as follows:

  1. Use a Hot Towel

Let a hot towel on your eyebrow for minutes. This helps to open your pore.

Use a Hot Towel

  1. Disinfecting Eyebrow Trimmer

Before trimming your eyebrows, you should get your eyebrow tweezers set disinfected.

Disinfecting Terresa Eyebrow Trimmer

  1. Apply Moisturizers

Applying some moisturizers in the position of your eyebrows which helps to reduce skin damage

Apply Moisturizers

  1. Trim with Your Hands

Hold your hands on your skin when trimming your eyebrows. This helps to avoid muscle strain

eyebrow trimming

Eyebrow care after eyebrow trimming is also important. Please note that the following points are important.

  1. Apply toner to shrink the pores, which also prevents bacteria from entering the pores
  2. Apply repair cream, so as to repair damaged skin
  3. Comb along the direction of eyebrow growth with eyebrow comb, so as to make eyebrows look more natural
  4. Apply massage oil and massage along eyebrows with fingers, so as to promote blood circulation in eyes


The trimming method and strength are important. So does a trimmer tool.

Terresa eyebrow tweezers are popular in trimming eyebrows. Our Terresa eyebrow tweezers set comes with 4 different tweezers. They are a slanted tip, flat tip, pointed tip, and pointed-slant tip tweezers.

Terresa Eyebrow Tweezers Set

Our Terresa hair removal Tweezers come with below features:

  • Perfect size with travel case
  • Medical-quality stainless steel
  • 4 different tweezers using purpose
  • Perfect gift choice for man and woman

Terresa eyebrow tweezers tools are portable on the go and are useful as your daily makeup tool.

If you want to get a perfect gift for your friends, then Terresa eyebrow tweezers set are the best choice for you.

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