Fashionable Nail Color Trend in 2019 – Part 2

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With a well-maintained hand, you also need good-looking nails color to show off your beauty. Otherwise, it is not exquisite enough as dark as black and white painting.

Today, I’ll take a look at the trend of nail fashion in 2019. Let’s come to a quick look with the nail color trend in 2019 part 2.

Passionate Red

Passionate Red Nail Color


Red nail polish will never be out of date, so it is definitely included in the spring nail polish of 2019.


Passionate Red Nail Color


Red nails usually need only a gentle brush, and then it can show a passionate and attractive side. The highest level of red nails has lovely almond shape and sexy luster. For most of the time, red is cute, which can be chosen for soft oval nails.

It is more suitable for shorter nails if you choose the red color in a cold tone.


Fresh White


Fresh White Nail Color


Whether white nails are clean or pure, it depends on your understanding of nail polish trends in the spring of 2019.


Fresh White Nail Color


In Ryan Lo, nails tend to be clean and beautiful. Many models use almond-shaped nails and coat with clean creamy white. On the other hand, in Guy Laroche, because the nails are short, the basic background color chooses white, so as to ensure that there is enough space between the polishing layer and the cuticle. Even in Manse, we see a piece of white, which is diagonally painted on a bare little finger as the focus.


Mysterious Dark Color

Mysterious Dark Nail Polish Color


After looking the above so many bright colors, let’s look back to the black nail polish. Is it showing the temptation of another kind? And the polished dark color is also one of the trends of nail polish in spring and summer 2019.


Mysterious Dark Nail Polish Color


In fact, as the most whitening color, dark color has been very popular. This year’s dark color also increased the texture of abrasive or inlaid with multi-color gems, which seems more impressed. Dark blue nails appeared on Emporio Armani, while dark green nails appeared on Giorgio Armani. Philipp Palin’s black nails are also impressed because they are very long and have some jewelry inlaid, while Tom Ford’s black nails are more than elegant.


Personality Clashing Color


Personality Clashing Nail Color


One of the trends in summer manicure in 2019 is the simplest and most wear-resistant two-color design. As long as apply your favorite solid color, and then paint it into another color based on the shape you like, it becomes a unique clashing color, showing between cubic inches. This kind of design can more highlight a sense of creativity.

In the Fashion East, it abandons the classic bare and white combinations, adopts different color combinations, and achieves the same French manicure design in a more modern way.


Personality Clashing Nail Color


Sadie Williams improves the golden nail color with a sharp black tip, so as to bring an avant-garde and simple appearance, while Kith’s bare nail polish is transparent to the invisible. Therefore, the designer adds third colors and has a super sense of fashion.


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