Fashionable Nail Color Trend in 2019 – Part I

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Terresa Nail Color Trend

Women’s love for life and their delicate taste expresses very intuitively in the fingernails. For the trend of nail polish fashion in 2019, how do you feel about that?  Let’s take a detailed look at the manicure ideas in 2019.


Metallic Color

Terresa Metallic Color


Metallic nail polish has come back in the trend of fingernails in spring and summer in 2019, and there are good reasons for it.


Terresa Metallic Nail Color


They can always bring refreshing feeling through different ways of deduction, or avant-garde or luxury, or fierce or frivolous. Because of the slender shape of the fingernails, they are smeared with shiny metal color, just like a golden nail, with a sense of vanguard ferocity.

Painted with silver color, it brings us a retro-futuristic atmosphere of space warriors.


Bright Yellow

Terresa Yellow Nail Color



When Pantone positioned the popular tones of this season with some different yellow colors, it does not only get the deduction of the fashion brand in clothing but also verify and strengthen the idea of the trend of nail polish in spring and summer of 2019.


Terresa Yellow Nail Color


Yellow fingernails spread all over the T-stage and add a great cheer like sunshine. Quite a lot of yellow blooms on the fingertips are more suitable for shorter nails. Yellow gives a pleasant touch.


Frame Color

Terresa Frame Nail Color


The nail fashion trend in 2019 has already shown two distinct frames, which are special designs that we have never seen before.


Terresa Frame Nail Color


In Jeremy Scott’s design, the two-color manicure has a frame with lavender lines around the nails and a soft pink ring in the middle. Libertine’s frame effect is in the form of gold-chain nail decals, which are carefully applied around the nails, with a gorgeous flower design in the center. It’s a very cool way to do manicure, and it’s expected to make many people more passionate about innovation.

Black and White

Terresa Black and White Nail Color


If you are not fond of colorful nail polish but still want to do a manicure, then you may like the trend of black and white nail polish in spring and summer of 2019.


Terresa Black and White Nail Color


Christian Soriano’s black and white nails are perfectly integrated into the organic zigzag design, which is smooth and beautiful, giving people a dynamic feeling.

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