Hand Care Strategy (Simple Method)

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It is said that the hand is the second face of a woman. Generally speaking, it can be seen whether a woman is exquisite in life. Both hands play a very important role in our lives, and we are always doing things with our hands at the basic moments.One hand can reflect the quality of a person’s life, and the care of both hands should not be sloppy like our face care, so you should not neglect the care of your hands. Especially in the dry season, if you do not care in time, it will be very easy to dry and wrinkled, nails are not shiny, it will affect the overall image of the whole person, so care for our hands cannot be delayed.

But some people are born with wrinkles and palm prints, so they are rough and not smooth. Some people also like to stretch the joints, resulting in large joints. But these can all be improved through care.The good-looking people really add a lot of points, whether it is wearing jewelry or nail polish is very beautiful. I am a family inheritance, my hands are very rough, and the nail bed is narrow and short. It is like trying to improve my nails. The effect is hard to say. So, I tried a lot of ways to make my hands white and tender, and now it is much better than before.Warm water and white vinegar soak for about 10 minutes, soften the skin of the hands, prepare for the follow-up work, or add milk or olive oil to the warm water.


Exfoliating the hands, we use our hands to get things every day, do housework, basically all the time, and do not care in time, the hands will form a thick layer of old dead skin, so we must remove the hands in time. Dead skin can make the hand cream absorb better and keep the hand in a smooth state. You can use a scrub, an exfoliating cream, or a salt. If you use salt, it will work very well. It will feel smooth and slippery.

Hand wax is also good, first use a hot towel to apply hands for three minutes, soften the horny, apply a hand wax with whitening and peeling skin, wait for 20 minutes, hand wax can be torn off, hand wax contains roses and honey Ingredients do not harm the skin, but also add moisture to the hands.The last step is to apply hand cream, apply Vaseline and other moisturizing hand cream, and put on disposable gloves, it will not affect the playing of the phone with half an hour to take off, the excess hand cream is used for massage, the hand is tender and slippery.  Super simple, operate while watching TV at night.Usually do housework with gloves, especially detergent, washing powder is very handy, easy to let the hands become dry and peeling. Hand exfoliation is recommended once a week. Usually hand wash your hands and try to apply hand cream, otherwise the water will dry your hands will be dry.


Massage the hand is also very effective: the first step is to apply hand cream.Joint massage, using the joints to squeeze each other, can make the joints less coarse. Pulling your fingers outwards will help the joints become more symmetrical and make your fingers more slender. Finger-massage, press the back of the head and the finger joints to relieve hand fatigue. Massage the back of the hand, press the back of the hand and circle, which can effectively clear the hand muscles and make the fingers more flexible. Sports joints, long-term keyboard knocking is easy to have a mouse hand, this action can effectively alleviate the robot.In the dry season of autumn, it is necessary to protect your hands. While maintaining your face, don’t forget your second face.

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