How to choose the eyelashes that suit you?

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1, YY modeling (Y-shaped weaving shape)

Y-shaped mesh interlaced more natural, the eyelashes are Y-shaped, the tip of the hair is naturally crossed, and the quick-filled mesh is used to fill the gap. This type of modeling has lower requirements on the level of technology and can play It must play a role in flowering.

2, eyelash grafting common style: flying type

The flying type is grafted in the direction of eyelash growth. The number of eyelashes gradually increases from short to long, and the number increases, lengthening at the end of the eye, enhancing the contour of the eye, showing feminine femininity and more feminine.

3, eyelash grafting common style: size fan shape. The grafted eyelashes are shaped like a folding fan. The middle of the eyelashes is longer than the two-side part and the two sides are short, making the eyes look big and fascinating, and even more beautiful than Barbie! The fan shape is suitable for large, round eyes. Usually the eyes are large but the eyelashes are less, making the eyes look unattractive, creating a situation in which the eyes are large.

4, eyelash grafting common style: natural type

It is a little longer than the real eyelashes, a little tighter, and a little bend. If you like the beautiful eyelashes of natural beauty, you don’t like to be found and processed. This style is a good choice! Suitable for the workplace, as well as low-key needs. This style does not put much pressure on the eyelashes, and the comfort of the eyes is good. If you choose the eyelashes for the first time, it is recommended to choose this.

5, eyelash grafting common style: thick shape, also known as Barbie doll shape

On the basis of natural form, encryption. A true eyelash adds 2 to 3 fake eyelashes. After the completion of the eye changes, the makeup is very strong, others are attracted to the flashing eyelashes at the moment you look at you. At the same time, it is also very age-reducing, and it is also a magic weapon to increase confidence in social situations.

6, eyelash grafting common style: exaggerated shape, also known as Cleopatra

Encrypted and lengthened on a densely-formed basis. It is 1 time longer than true eyelashes and 3 to 4 times denser. Very beautiful after finishing, but the real eyelashes are short, rare, and cannot withstand the length and density of this style. At the same time, its holding time will be shorter. If you attend a ceremony, a party, etc., when you need heavy makeup, this style is the best choice.

Did you find your favorite eyelash grafting style? Is it a princess model, or a charm queen, in fact, the type of eyelash grafting is not so complicated, cannot be the difference between density, length, shape, eyelash thickness. Everyone still has to graft according to their own eyelashes, without excessive pursuit of greater changes and effects.


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