How to clean your mouth at home and try to be a dentist for a while

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People are used to the fast-paced lifestyle in modern life. You can see that fast food restaurants on the street are more and more popular. If people get sick, it is not only the physical impact but also a waste of time. You need to spend a lot of time to see a doctor. The maintenance of teeth is an essential part of modern life. But we have to test our teeth every day. We can’t go to the hospital to clean and test every time, which not only costs a lot of money but also wastes a lot of time. Now we’ve launched a self-made, home-based approach to teeth.

It has the following tips.

1.Professional Dental Hygiene Kit

9-in-1 Dental Tools Set

Oral Mouth Mirror: Used to observe and target some hard-to-see areas behind teeth.

Tweezers: With pointy ends, used to pick out food debris or fishbone stuck in your teeth.

Hoe Tooth Scraper: it is mainly used for scraping tooth stain, spots, and dental calculus.

Sharped Tips Fill Tool & Thick Tips Fill Tool: Used for filling a dental cavity hole. It can be used as a daily home dental examination for caries personal use.

Periodontal File: Used to clean dental tartar and calculus on teeth.

Hook Probe: Used to detect the location and depth of cavities. It can be used instead of toothpicks.

Curved Probe: Pick out the food residue in the tooth gap.

Tongue Cleaner: Deeply clean foreign matters on the tongue coating surface and protect taste buds.

2.Medical Grade Stainless Steel

The dental tools are manufactured using high quality, rust-free surgical stainless steel, which can stand up to regular use easily with proper care. They can be sterilized by high temperature fully sterilizable, and they feature textured grips to help you keep a firm hold on each tool as you work.

3.Easy to Remove Calculus

The working edge of the shape of the sickle, the use of the effective edge of the sickle at both ends of the two sides of the edge, suitable for scraping teeth, the smaller tip can be inserted into the periodontal pocket, scraping the potential subgingival calculus.

4.Scrape Stains Whitening Teeth

The shape of the work side, such as hoe, left and right pairs, the edge of the edge into an acute angle, the use of acute angle on the calculus in the gingival sulcus, curettage tooth stains.

5.Daily Oral Examination

Healthy oral hygiene takes more than just regular brushing and flossing. With this complete set of dental tools, you can get an extra deep cleaning at home and combat hard to reach areas for superior oral health.

6.Assistant Repairing Tools For Teeth

These dental toolsets are not only can be used at home but also it’s the best choice for dentist for oral care.

7.Clean Tongue And Freshen Breath

This dental tool set easy to solve oral health problems, durable and solid dental toolset is designed to remove tartar. Cleaning, whitening your teeth and prevent bad breath.

Are you ready to become a dentist? Let’s try it


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