How To Match Your Eyebrows Based on Your Face Shape?

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Women’s eyebrows and eyes are the ablest to convey amorous feelings. And this shows that the collocation between eyebrows and face type is very important. Therefore, choosing the appropriate eyebrows according to your own face type can modify the shortcomings of the face shape. And it also helps to make the whole face shape more perfect, more three-dimensional.

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So, how to select the types of eyebrows based on your face shape? Let’s take a detailed look.

Firstly, let’s get to know all kinds of eyebrows. There are four common eyebrow types: straight eyebrow, soft arch eyebrow, high arch eyebrow, and upward eyebrow.


eyebrow shape

Eyebrow Shape

Straight eyebrow: Suitable for all kinds of face shapes.

If you have no idea of what kinds of face shapes you are having, then straight eyebrow is really the best choice. Moreover, this eyebrow shape is suitable for all ages. Whether you are young girls or middle-aged women, it could help to modify your face shape perfectly. The eyebrow peak is 2/3 from eyebrow to eyebrow tail.

straight eyebrow

Soft Arch eyebrow: Suitable for long face shape. However, please be noted that it is not suitable for round face shape.  The eyebrow peak is 3/4 from eyebrow to eyebrow tail.

soft arch

High Arch eyebrows: Suitable for round face shape and square face shape.

This eyebrow shape can give people a feeling of classical beauty and implicit feeling. The eyebrow peak is 1/2 from the eyebrow to the eyebrow tail.

high arch

Upward eyebrows: Suitable for the people who have round faces or slightly square faces, but not suitable for the ones with long face shape. This eyebrow shape makes people have a feeling of cool and beautiful. Many cool and elegant girls choose this eyebrow shape. The eyebrow peak is 3/4 from eyebrow to eyebrow tail.

upward eyebrow

Before drawing your eyebrows, you need to clean the miscellaneous hair around the eyebrows with an eyebrow tweezer. You should trim the eyebrows according to your face type. You could use a pair of scissors to cut the length of the eyebrows in an ideal length, but do not cut it too short.

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Finally, draw the eyebrows with an eyebrow pen according to the eyebrow shape. By doing this, you could get a perfect eyebrow shape.

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