How To Pick Your Own Nail Polish Color?

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It is the nature of women to pursue beauty, and there are countless girls who love manicure. However, how to choose the nail polish color? The most common strategy for choosing a nail color is to choose one that fits for your skin tone, which makes your hand more oomph.

Today we are going to show the methods of choosing a nail polish color.

Methods for Choosing A Nail Polish Color

Dark Skin: Try nail colors of dark series, such as black series, red series, dark blue series, etc. The most important thing is to avoid choosing fluorescent and bright colors, such as orange, purple, etc.


nail polish color for dark skin


Medium Skin: Go for nail colors of light color series, such as milk-brown, naked and so on.

Since this kind of color, series is similar to skin color, which could help to modify the skin tone of your hands in a good way and make your hands look more natural.


nail polish color for medium skin


Fair Skin: Try all kinds of colors, especially the purple and orange series.


nail polish color for fair skin


Collocation method of similar nail colors:


Collocation method of similar colors


If you don’t want to make all the nails in one color, you could choose similar nail colors. That is similar color collocations. Red with orange, black with grey, yellow with green, etc.

Collocation method of complementary nail colors:


Collocation method of complementary colors


Bold color clashing is also a good choice for you. Complementary colors mainly refer to the strong contrast between colors, such as black with pink, yellow with blue, even the classic black with white.

Whether you do manicure or not, you should pay attention to caring and maintaining your hands. The color matching of the nails depends on your own skin tone. Don’t let your hands look black in skin color because you prefer a certain color!

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