How to trim and draw eyebrows with tools?

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The use of various tools during the eyebrow trimming process can bring us more convenience.


Step 1: Prepare eyebrow trimming tools
Including eyebrow clippers, pencils, eyebrow pencils, eyebrow brushes, mirrors, eyebrow scissors, moisturizers and sponge-tip makeup sticks

Step 2: Cleaning
Use a sponge-tip makeup stick dipped in alcohol or astringent lotion, and apply it to the eyebrows and the surrounding area. It is used as a preparation before trimming, and has a cleaning and soothing effect.

Step 3: Use the eyebrow pencil as a ruler and learn to be an eyebrow designer
The eyebrow pencil should not be too thick, so as not to affect the judgment result. The eyebrow pencil is close to the nose and connected with the inner corner of the eye. The junction of the nib and the eyebrow is the starting point of the beautiful eyebrow. It is not necessary to completely shave off the extra part, just start from this point in the thrush to make the transition more natural, the tip of the eyebrow pencil is slightly inclined to draw a line with the outside of the pupil, the intersection of the eyebrow pencil tip and eyebrow is the position of the eyebrow peak. The tilt is drawn in a straight line with the outer eye tip, and the intersection of the eyebrow pencil tip and eyebrow is the appropriate position of the end of the eyebrow. Use the eyebrow pencil to draw a mark gently.

Step 4: Use an eyebrow pencil or powder with a similar color to your hair to draw the desired shape.
After that, start to trim the eyebrows to improve the accuracy. When using eyebrow pencils to draw eyebrows, use a feather-like method to draw small pen by pen to fill the gaps between eyebrows. Each stroke should not be longer than your natural eyebrows. Draw from the part of the eyebrow backwards, and then use the eyebrow brush or fingers to dim the color. You can also apply eyebrow powder with an eyebrow brush or sponge-tipped makeup stick to draw along the ideal eyebrow shape.

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