Is the popular silicone puff better than beauty blenders and makeup brushes?

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For a good makeup, the choice of cosmetics is very important, as are the tools for applying these cosmetics. Although the makeup brush can make makeup look more natural and fit the skin. But after all, you need to master the skills. Many girls may give up before starting. But don’t worry, the beauty industry still has these easy-to-use beauty tools waiting for your purchase.

Beauty Blender

The first is the beauty blender, which is usually used to apply liquid foundation. The beauty blender is divided into a water drop shape and a gourd shape.

Compare with each other to show their differences and pros and cons.

Generally, gourd-like beauty blenders are denser than water drop shape blenders. It ’s more compact and more flexible so in comparison,

Gourd blenders will be a bit thinner than dripping blenders.



The water drop blender is a completely matte finish, and the gourd blender will be a bit brighter because the gourd blender is more compact

The degree of swelling in water is also slightly smaller than that of water-dropped blenders.

Although the two models are different in shape, there is not much difference in the shape of the pros and cons.

There are flat heads to apply to large areas such as the cheeks, and pointed tips to apply to special areas such as nose shadows and eye corners.


Gourd blenders theoretically have one more advantage than dripping eggs.

It has a bumpy curved surface that can take care of the grooves of the nose and the protruding chin.

But this function can actually be completed by the flathead and pointed head, so the advantage is not obvious.

But no matter which beauty blender, it is recommended to wet use.

That is, wet them well with water, and then use a paper towel to absorb excess water

First, apply the foundation on the face when using

Then use a sponge blender to press it apart and apply it along the skin lines.

Sponge blenders will absorb the moisture in the liquid foundation, which will cause a matte makeup effect and strong covering ability

But absorbing powder is serious


In fact, because the makeup blenders have a very strong effect, it will not only absorb the moisture in the liquid foundation.

It also absorbs oil, so it is recommended to apply makeup on dry skin with a makeup brush.


Sponge blenders are generally wet use, so it is easy to breed bacteria. Pay attention to keep the sponge blenders clean.


Makeup sponge

Makeup sponge can be used to apply foundation, can also be used to apply toner or lotion, etc.

Using a sponge to help blush and apply lipstick, it also softens the color and does not fall off easily.

Common shapes are drop type, triangle, pentagon type.

And such makeup sponges do not need wet to use necessarily, dry use is better instead. The following figure shows its grip method.

Makeup sponges are different in shape.

There is not much difference, because the shape of the drop is radian, you can take care of radians such as the chin.

Because triangles and pentagons have more edges and corners, they can better take care of fine positions such as the nose.



When applying skincare products, directly take the skincare products and apply along the skin lines.

When applying liquid foundation, squeeze the liquid foundation on the back of your hand first, and take the liquid foundation with a sponge.

Press on your face and shake your makeup. This method can enhance the coverage of the foundation.

And make the foundation blend better with the skin.

When choosing such makeup tools, pay attention to choosing firm and flexible, soft to the touch.

Otherwise, it will cause damage to the skin keratin. You can fold the two sponges in half and rub each other. If you don’t lose the sponge, then they are qualified.

Makeup sponges are small in size and may not be as easy to use as beauty blenders, but usually a pack of multiple.

The price is relatively cheap, you can throw one at a time.

Avoid the disadvantages of recycling and breeding bacteria.



Silicone and non-silicone puff


The common puffs currently on the market can be roughly divided into three materials

Latex, non-latex, silicone


The puffs we commonly use are generally non-latex, because latex has a bad smell, and it is easy to drop slag and cause allergies after aging.

Powderpuff is generally used to apply powder or loose powder, and some girls are used to apply liquid foundation.

However, the density of the puff is not as large as that of a beauty blender, and the elasticity and fit are not enough, so it is not suitable for applying liquid foundation.


Air cushion puff

Latex, non-latex, silicone, these three materials, only non-latex will grow larger when exposed to water.

But there is a kind of non-latex that does not change in size when exposed to water, which is the Korean air cushion puff fabric

At present, this kind of fabric cannot be produced in China, and they are all imported from South Korea.

Therefore, to a large extent, the thin, breathable effect of Korean air cushion BB is actually.

depended on this cushion puff, which is generally composed of fabric, sponge and PU leather.

It doesn’t get bigger when it’s in water, so it doesn’t absorb powder, which saves foundation makeup products very much.

Not only when using air cushion BB, but you can also use air cushion puff.

Usually, makeup is always easy for girls who have a clumsy hand to apply a thick makeup look. You can also choose to apply makeup with an air cushion powder puff.

Because the makeup effect on the air cushion is relatively thin, but the concealing effect may not be so good.

Silicone puff

Finally, I will focus on the silicone puff that is very popular recently.

It was first launched by IPSA last year.

Later, other brands also launched their own silicone puffs, which became particularly popular in the first half of this year.


The crystal clear shape resembles a water drop, which is very soft in the hand

Like jelly, many girls compare it with silicone breast pads

and the crystal insole. In fact, the feel of the silicone puff is more flexible.


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