LED Nail Lamp VS UV Nail Lamp -Which Is Better?

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Hands are the second face of a woman. With the change of seasons, fragile nails need more care.

When talking about nail manicure, many people have the impression that they just coat a layer of nail polish and then bake it in a manicure lamp. Today, I would like to share with you some understanding about UV nail lamp and LED nail lamp.

Terressa UV LED nail lamp

Most of the nail lamps used in the early market are UV lamps. In recent years, the newly emerging UV LED nail lamps are popular with most people for their unique advantages.

Which is better between UV lamp and UV LED nail lamp?

Comfort Degree

Usual UV lamp tube produces heat when it emits light, and usually, the temperature is about 50 degrees. It is easy to hurt if you accidentally touch it. If you illuminate your nails regularly, your fingernail will become black. However, the UV LED uses the cold light source, which will not have the burning feeling like the UV lamp. Even if touching the lamp tube with hand, you will not feel hurt, while the white light does not blacken your fingernails. In terms of comfort, it is clear that UV LEDs will be better.

Safety Degree

The wavelength of the ordinary UV lamp is 365 mm, which belongs to UVA, also known as aging radiation. Long-term exposure to UVA can cause skin damage and eye damage which is cumulative and irreversible. However, under the UV LED lamp, visible light, which is like sunlight and ordinary lighting, it is harmless to human skin and eyes, and will not blacken fingernails. Therefore, from a safety point of view, UV LED  lamp has better protection effect on skin and eyes than UV nail lamp. In terms of safety degree, UV LED is obviously superior to UV nail lamp.

Function Scope

UV lamp can dry all brands of phototherapy glue and methyl glue. UV LED can dry all the extension glue, UV phototherapy glue and LED nail grease glue which has high versatility.

Curing Speed of Glue

Due to the wavelength of the UV LED lamp is longer than that of the UV lamp, UV LED lamp takes about 30 seconds to dry a nail glue, while the ordinary UV lamp takes about 3 minutes to dry. The curing speed of UV LED manicure lamp is obviously much faster than that of a UV lamp.

UV LED nail lamp applies a new type of bead technology, and realizes the function of UV + LED by LED lamp. In modern manicure, LED nail lamp is more suitable.

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