Liquid Foundation Application: Foundation Makeup Brush VS Beauty Blader?

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liquid foundation brush

What is the best way to apply liquid foundation? By hand, by foundation makeup brush or by beauty blender?

This seems a common question for some makeup beginners.

Well, for the following article, we are going to tell the difference among these three applications.

1.Apply liquid foundation by hand

Presumably, some makeup beginners learn to apply liquid foundation with their hands which is very convenient and easy. However, the foundation may be applied unevenly or just sit on top.

liquid foundation by hand

Advantage: Convenient and easy

Disadvantage: Apply foundation unevenly

Applicable: All

2.Apply liquid foundation with a foundation makeup brush

For foundation makeup brush, some may find it useful while others may find it useless. However, it depends on whether your skin is suitable for using a foundation makeup brush. In fact, the foundation makeup brush is suitable for dry and flawless skin. By using a brush, it could produce the smoothest and light makeup. After that, it may need the help of the makeup sponge to create full coverage.

foundation makeup brush

Advantage: Light makeup with detailed coverage

Disadvantage: Weak concealing effect

Applicable: Dry and flawless skin

3.Apply liquid foundation with a beauty blender 

A beauty blender is a comparatively new tool and there are varieties of types in the market. It is suitable for the oily skin, especially if you have the scarring or acne. It could produce an even coverage and help to blot the excess foundation.

beauty blender

Advantage: Even coverage with good concealing effect

Disadvantage: Need to be replaced frequently

Applicable: Oily skin or skin with scarring or acne

A perfect base help to produce perfect makeup. The above three ways are suitable for putting on liquid foundation. You could just choose the most suitable one for yourself depends on your skin type.

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