Nail Painting in Spring: Which are Suitable?

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Spring seems like morning flowers, beautiful while short.

In the most beautiful season of the year, you must be as beautiful as a fairy when you are at a good age.

Except for exquisite makeup, elegant hairstyle, fashionable dressing, you should get yourself an aesthetic and high-end nail painting. Styles vary from one to another, and there is always one style suitable for you!

nail painting

Whether it is stitching or collision for pure color, it can release the power of fashion, and bring your nails infinite amorous feelings.

spring nail painting

Fresh light color series is popular in spring right now.


spring nail painting

Small elements show great charm. Whether it is simple stripes or retro spring flowers, one with white hands takes the light colors, and one with black hands take dark colors.


spring nail painting

The small elements mixed with dark color series can always make nails style diverse and interesting inadvertently. Not simple and not complicated. Everything is just so wonderful at the right time.


spring nail painting

The nobility of cat eye nails and the shinning of sparkle nails are good too.

spring nail painting

Animals styles are cute and interesting, while light colors collision colors are bright and beautiful.


Terresa 72W UV LED Nail Lamp Light Dryer with Large Inner Size

Equipped with 36pcs LED light lamps for faster and safer curing while without blackening your hands or hurting your eyes.  Make you beautify your nails whenever and wherever you are.

terresa led nail lamp dryer

It is featured with below advantages.

  • 72W UV LED nail lamp with 36 lamp beads
  • Non-blacken white light protecting hand skin
  • 30s/60s/120s timer setting for easier working
  • Curing all kinds of gel nail polish faster and safer
  • Large inner size for better curing at the same time

With a Terresa 72W UV LED nail lamp light dryer, you could make nail painting easily and freely at home.

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