Novice makeup tutorial: how to make makeup in spring is not tacky?

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The novice make-up not only wants to bring their own face with the beautiful picture effect but also worry about the lack of technology and make the makeup look very low.


How to make up to avoid failure?

Today we invited a makeup artist to teach a full set of spring makeup dismantling tutorials, as well as a variety of makeup tips, which are perfect for getting started with spring makeup.


Transparent base gloss


Cover pores and dark spots
Cover the pores around the nose with the pore invisible protective barrier. When pushing the barrier, do not go straight. Make a circle to push the emulsion into the pores without dead ends. If the entire face is painted, it will make the face dull, and choose the part where the pores are easily exposed.

Build transparent muscle
Push away the green beauty cream in the center of the face. Green Refining Milk helps to cover dull or red areas of the skin for a transparent and natural look.


Shaping three-dimensional makeup

Beauty zone is the key
Our beauticians call the skin from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye a beauty zone, and the quality of the base makeup depends on it. Liquid foundation is recommended to choose a creamy texture. First push the liquid foundation from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye, and then use the makeup powder puff to evenly buckle, so that the covering effect of the liquid foundation can be retained.

Clear Foundation Levels
After applying the makeup puff to buckle the beauty zone, a part of the liquid foundation will remain on the puff, and gently push it away on the nose, forehead or eyelid. The liquid foundation of the face is different in thickness and order, so that it will appear more three-dimensional.


The last step of base makeup

Be careful: use blush to bottom the bottom
In order to create a blush-like cheek effect, the base makeup goes to this step, apply a little blush cream. When applying blusher, don’t pat directly on the face with your hand, first adjust the color on the back of the hand, take it with the previous base makeup puff, and pat it in the center of the cheek.

Setting powder and makeup
Use a powder puff to fully apply the makeup powder and set makeup in the T area and eye bags that are easy to float. If you want shiny skin, use a makeup brush instead. Makeup brushes don’t suck powder like powder puffs, so the makeup set also oozes the proper gloss at the same time.

Choose eye color for eye makeup


Create Eye Shadow
When choosing a color eye shadow, earth color is the safest.

First use the brightest color in the eyeshadow palette to spread out on the upper eyelids to brighten the eyeballs. At the same time, put the same color eyeshadow on the tear bag to make the eye makeup look more shiny.

Then, take a light brown eye shadow to create a shadow effect on the eyeball. It is recommended to use fingertips for more natural makeup. At the same time, use the eye shadow brush to dip the same color eye shadow and fill in the eyelids under the eyes, corresponding to the upper eyelids.

When applying eye makeup, it is best to develop the habit of performing two eye makeups simultaneously, and do not apply makeup to the other eye after finishing makeup.

Make up the eyes and pupils

With eyelash curlers and without eyelash curlers, the amount of light entering the pupils is completely different. After curling the eyelashes, more light will come in, which will make the eyes more enchanting. Therefore, eyelash curlers are essential. When you clamp your eyelashes, you must lift it up along the base of the eyelashes. Do not move your arms up and down. Instead, lift your wrists to lift the eyelashes naturally, so the effect will be more natural and more curled.


Mascara Styling Liquid & Eyeliner

Immediately after clamping the mascara, use a mascara styling solution to apply it from the root of the lashes.

After the styling liquid is allowed to dry naturally, draw eyeliner on the inside of the eyelashes. It is recommended to use dot-style sketching. The eyeliner is more suitable than the liquid eyeliner. The eye makeup drawn by the eyeliner is more elegant and natural. Choose a slender tip.

When drawing the eyeliner from the inside of the eyelash root, the eyeliner will pass through from the outside of the eyelash root. At this time, you can use the light brown eye shadow before blooming.

Mascara needs to start from the root

The mascara can be swiped lightly. Brush upwards from the root of the lashes, and choose a 30-degree curved brush head for easy brushing. If you want a natural look, don’t use fiber mascara.

Eyebrow makeup is in order

Creating Natural Brow Makeup

Prepare in advance, straighten your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush. Draw from the peak of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, then sweep away with the brush head towards the eyebrow, and then push the eyebrow brush evenly. Repeat the next 2 steps until you feel natural.

Finally, use the eyebrow pencil to fill the leak. Eyebrow makeup, like eye makeup, must be synchronized.

Blush is applied to the center of the cheek

Color with apricot or salmon powder blush

Apply a light layer of blush powder on top of the blush. Don’t worry if it looks naive when brushed in the middle, apricot blush or salmon pink blush is close to the skin color and will be very feminine.

Lipstick and blush colors are uniform


Last upper lipstick
The bottom blusher can also be used as a lipstick. Using a lipstick of the same color as the blusher will make the makeup more uniform, and it is also OK to cover it with a coral lipstick.

At this point, a natural and fresh makeup is complete.

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