On the importance of the beauty of hands and nails, we should be care.

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We all see each other’s face first to judge whether her skin is good or not, then our hand is called the second face, it also needs us to care and maintain, nails as part of the hand, it We can give us a different beauty, we have to be a manicure to present its beauty.


Nail art is very common in our daily life. Most of the girls have done it. What kind of style do you like? Yes, we should do a hand care before we do the nails, let the skin of our hands be smooth, and the hand mask can be chosen, you can also go to a professional nail shop, let the manicurist give you Do, if your skills are good, you can do it for yourself. We will talk about nail art today. Our nail shapes come in several shapes: square nails, which are very fashionable and white-collar workers love it! The rounded nails give a milder feeling. If you are a slender finger, it is beautiful. Round nails: The outline of such nails is that we have more shapes, pointed nails, such as nails, young people prefer this shape more, do you like that shape?




Before applying nail polish, we must modify the shape of our nails, and repair the dead skin parts next to the fingers, otherwise it will affect the viewing, and it will be accidentally contaminated when applying nail polish. You should apply a layer of armor oil to protect our nails. We need to choose the color that suits our skin color. More mature you, you can choose the French approach, choose white is good! Gold, red is compared to other colors, this is a brighter color, it will give people a bright feeling. More suitable for work or reading, the lighter color will be more suitable for you, it will not make people feel too eye-catching.


You pick the color that suits our nails, or you can try something new or more popular. When applying nail polish, it is best not to apply directly from the root of the nail. If it is not applied, it will be very troublesome. Let me share some tips, maybe it’s useful!




We can buy some nail modification kits, which have practical tools that make us a lot easier in daily care. We need to trim the nails and dead skin regularly, trim the nails, we need to wash with water. Clean, our hands in the winter, it is very easy to dry, then we can use some hand cream to protect our hands. After we apply the nails, it will slowly fall. We better let the nails fall, don’t buckle, or use the nail polish, which will probably hurt our nail bed, and will affect us later. Make the beauty of the nail art. Regular hand care will make our hands delicate and soft. When our eyes don’t appear aging, the traces will first age. We should pay attention to our faces as we value our faces.


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