Practical makeup tips keep away from the make-up meltdown

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When you go out for a long time: the eyeliner is dizzy, the eyeshadow is spent, the makeup is oily mottled, what should the lipstick fade? At this point, there is no way to completely remove the reification, then you must rely on quick makeup to save. Today, this set of super practical makeup tips please collect!


First of all, you need to take these small items with you in your bag for a long time: lip balm, lipstick, paper towel, wet and dry powder, air cushion, small eye shadow, lotion sample, concealer stick.

What should I do with the makeup remover?

If it is just oily floating powder, the mottled degree is acceptable. Just use a paper towel to gently press the oily part of the face to absorb excess oil and floating powder. A. Then use the air cushion to puff a layer to reproduce the water light muscle (dry skin). If you need to fix the makeup, you can use the powder to fix the makeup. B. If it is oily or mixed oily skin, you can use the dry and wet powder puff water to wet and then take the powder to make up the makeup. This kind of makeup is also very long-lasting, and I never tire of the skills!


If the base makeup has already appeared in a state where a lot of mottled can’t be looked directly, you can take out the lotion and apply it in the mottled area to act as a cleansing milk. Then use a paper towel to gently remove the makeup remover to take the mottled foundation. Then take a layer of lotion to moisturize the skin, and then make up the makeup on the basis of this (dry or partial oil with different makeup products)


If you think that this kind of makeup can not cover the acne marks and spots, you can use the concealer stick to apply the sputum on the basis of this, and stagnate for more than 30s and then use the air cushion to smudge it.


Eye shadow makeup

You can also use a paper towel to pick up the emulsion first gently wipe, do not dry back and forth, otherwise there will be fine lines. After removing the clean, you can take out the small eyeshadow and re-apply.


Lip makeup

Most of my friends may choose to cover directly with lipstick or lip glaze, but such lip makeup will have faults and dirt attached to it. The correct way is to use a lip balm to thicken the lip and then use a paper towel to remove it. This will ensure that the lip can be removed more thoroughly without tearing the lip. After moisturizing the lip, apply lipstick or lip glaze. The paper towel is peeled off the surface and a layer of lipstick is applied. Repeat two or three times, the lip makeup is very long!


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