Pro Manicure Tips to Do Your Manicure At Home

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Terresa Nail polish


  • What are the manicure tools?

For a green hand, what you need for home-made manicure are the tools including nail clippers, nail file, and nail lacquer.

For nail lacquer, there should have two different lacquers. One is base oil and the other should be bright nail lacquer. With these simple tools, you can make your own nail polishing, which is economic and friendly. And you could easily get attractive nails.

In the below article, let’s check some nail tips to help you do manicure easily.


Terresa home manicure tool


  • What are the manicure tips?


  • 1. Grinding Rough Nails with A Nail File

First, before we apply the nail polish, the surface of the nail should be worn rough by grinding with the nail file, so that the grease stains on the nail surface can be worn away so that the nail polish can be easily colored.


  •  2. Apply Base Oil


Base Oil Applying Terresa


Before we apply the nail polish, we must apply the base oil first and use the base oil to make the foundation. This will not only make the nail polish colored better, make the saturation better, and make the adhesion force stronger. It could also make the nail polish last longer and it can prevent the surface of the nail from being pigmented.


  • 3. Choose Nail Polish

If you want to get a white nail polish color, then you must buy good nail polish. The texture should be about the same as that of the thick cream, then it will not be particularly cheap if you apply the nail.


P.S. How can you know if the nail polish is saturated?

To verify its saturation, you only need to dim a little of the polish and brush it over the bottle mouth. If the bottle mouth becomes transparent afterward, it indicates that its saturation is not enough.


  • 4. Cover Your Nails


Terresa Nail Polish Color


When we apply nail polish, we need to ensure that we can cover the whole nails within three times of painting. At first, we use the brush to dim the nail polish, then scrape it on the bottle mouth, then we can begin to apply it on our nails. When we begin to apply it, we should unfold the brush’s hair as far as possible. Then from the bottom of the nail, stretch a point into a line, and then start applying. You need to apply it with one brush and without intervals. After finishing one side, then apply the other side, and then apply the middle, thus, it is finished!


  • 5. Choose the Nail Polish with Sequins

When choosing a nail polish, try to choose the nail polish with sequins, while the texture should be good. Otherwise, it will appear low-end. The nail polish with sequins will last longer than the ordinary nail polish.


Terresa Nail Polish with Sequins


Recommendation of Nail Light Dryer


A home-made manicure would be more professional if you doing a manicure with a LED UV nail light dryer.

Terresa 72W UV LED Nail Lamp Light Dryer with Large Inner Size


Terresa 72W UV LED Nail Lamp Light Dryer


Terresa LED nail dryer is equipped with 36pcs LED light lamps for faster and safer curing while without blackening your hands or hurting your eyes. Shine your nails whenever and wherever you are.


Terresa Nail Light Dryer comes with below features:


  •  72W Fast Curing

Faster curing time than traditional nail dryers, saving more time.

  •  Time Memory Function

Flexible drying options with 3 timer settings the 30s / 60s/ 120s for professional quality nail polish.

  •  Large Inner Size

The large inner size provides enough room for fingernails or toenails curing with ease at the same time.

  •  Comfortable White Light

This nail lamp features like a comfortable white light, protecting your hand skin without blackening your hands.

  •  36 LED Light Beads

This UV LED nail lamp equipped with 36 durable LED light beads with a lifespan of 50000 hours. And there is no need to worry about the replacement of the beads.

  •  Widely Used in Manicure

This UV LED nail dryer is suitable for most Nail UV gel, UV top coat, UV Builder Gel, and led nail gel. But can’t dry the regular nail polish that no contain ultraviolet gel.


Summer is almost coming. Let’s pick a suitable nail polish style and start our home-manicure with Terresa UV nail lamp dryer.

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