Terresa Detangler Hair Brush, Angel Wing and Unicorn Hair Comb Set

Terresa Detangler Hair Brush, Angel Wing and Unicorn Hair Comb Set

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? Flexible bristles help to massage your scalp

? Taking out hair tangles quickly and efficiently

? Special soft plastic bristles helpful for detangling hairs

? Work on all hair types on both wet and dry hair condition

? Refund within 30 days and 12 months warranty offered

Out of stock

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“This Brush Will Not Only Save You Time But Heartache Too!

Say good-bye to ritual all-night cry sessions because of tangled, knotted hair. These adorable tools pack some real detangling firepower! You won’t have to bribe the kids to take a bath. They’ll actually love bath time. Finally, a fun way to end the day that will leave you and your kids relaxed and happy.


Bath Time Goes From Annoying To Adorable In No Time Flat!

Simply glide through the worst knots, gently unraveling tangled hair. Your kids will actually WANT you to brush their hair instead of wriggling out of your arms every night. Finally, a calm, peaceful way to end the day and enjoy putting your kids to bed.


Change Those Tears To Giggles! Just Take Out These Adorable Shampoo Brushes And Your Kids Faces Will Light Up.

They will want to brush their hair themselves and give you a much-needed break at the end of the day so you can sneak in a little me-time. Enjoy shampooing your children’s hair and have fun giggling instead of crying in the bathroom for a change! No more tears and arguing. Just sweet quality-time shared with you and your child instead of fights and battles.


No More Yanking Hair Into Place Before The Big Show, Recital, Dance or Wedding.

These brushes not only bring a wonderful end to every day but add joy and ensure effortless hair on those big days too––like picture day, interviews, try-outs and holiday parties. No backpack, purse or briefcase should be without this hair combs set!


Why not love about pink angel wings and unicorns?

Nothing, especially when they come with the best, most luxurious hair brush you’ve ever used!”


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