Simple and Stylish: 2019 Makeup Trends 2

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Beauty trends have a big impact on the world of makeup. Let’s take a look at the makeup trends of 2019, part 2.

Feathery Eyebrows

Feathery Eyebrows

Model Amelia caught everyone’s eyes on the show with her feathery eyebrows flying upward.
This flying upward eyebrow with a sharp lip line and strong matte lips and clear and orderly hair flowing can show your pursuit of life, as well as strong vitality.

Classic Simple Cat Eye

Classic Simple Cat Eye
The big show in this year also appeared an eyeliner which is not fluent, but full of fashion sense. Painting small V characters in the model’s eye corner, it creates a classic Cat Eye in this very simple way.
Unlike the traditional Cat Eye, it only needs to extend the width of the inner corner and tail of the eye and it does not need to increase the eyes vertically. This is also in line with the trend of simplicity this year.

Smoked Peach Blossom Eyes

Smoked Peach Blossom Eyes
On the whole, all the makeup of the show has a kind of introverted and reserved temperament, but this does not mean that it is lifeless or dead. Instead, just like Mischka’s peach makeup on the T-stage, it has a kind of smoky gentle hazy feeling.
With a slight brown colored peach eye shadow on the eyelids, it can easily create an effect of gentle and warm makeup.

The show makeup at the end of this year has applied unique but simple techniques. However, it creates a simple yet very clean and fashionable effect, which make could make you attractive.
In fact, makeup trends for every year are not always different from the one last year. They do have something in common.

We do hope you could get the makeup tips that suitable for yourself most in these two articles.

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