Six Steps Giving You a Perfect Eyebrow Shape

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Eyebrow shape is really important for girls. The same person with different types of eyebrows can have completely different face shape and overall temperament. Therefore, if you want to get a perfect makeup, eyebrows are absolutely the top priority.

And the question is how can we have the perfect eyebrow shape suitable for ourselves?

Below are the 6 steps for getting a perfect eyebrow shape.

Step 1: Combing

combing eyebrow shape

Use an eyebrow brush to comb eyebrow shape along the direction of the eyebrow growth. This step can show the basic condition of the eyebrow. After combing, look into the mirror to find out the position of your eyebrows, eyebrow peaks, and eyebrow tails, so that you can start to trim your eyebrows with a clear idea.

Step 2: Plucking

plucking eyebrow

Use eyebrow tweezers to pull out the excess longer eyebrows, especially the hairs of eyebrow peak and eyebrow tail.

Step 3: Shaving

shaving eyebrow

Use the eyebrow razor to shave the extra fine hairs above and below the eyebrows, making the whole eyebrow look cleaner.

Step 4: Trimming

trimming eyebrow

Work with an eyebrow brush and eyebrow trimming scissors to cut off the extra long eyebrow. Please notice that only shorten the extra long eyebrow instead of cutting off the whole piece of the eyebrow.

Step 5: Defining

defining eyebrow shape

After the eyebrow is repaired, apply the eyebrow powder to fill the gap of the eyebrow and outline a more delicate eyebrow shape.

Step 6: Fixing

fixing eyebrow shape

The so-called fixing is to use the brush to groom hairs upward and outward to blend color and set brows after defining. By doing this, you not only get a good shape of eyebrow but also make the eyebrow color looking average.

By mastering the above six steps, you could also get a perfect eyebrow shape. So what are you waiting for?

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