Terresa:Correct usage of acne needle to remove blackheads 3 Steps : use a acne needle to remove blackheads

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How to use acne-needle to remove blackheads?

Terresa Beauty Guide-Acne people should not be unfamiliar with acne, in a lot of people’s makeup bag, will keep a acne needle, because acne is a lot of ladies’ skin trouble, and acne needle is a beauty tools specialized for acne.

However, such widespread acne needles, many people do not know the correct way to use, often make acne more serious. Now, let’s learn the correct use of acne needle, when you can use acne needle remove acne.

Many people who love beauty often feel anguish to the acne, the means that treats acne accordingly also is emerge in endlessly, among them acne needle therapy because its convenient, fast characteristic gets the pursuit of many people.

So, the practice that remove acne with acne needle is correct or still be wrong, how to use acne needle scientifically ? Here’s the answer.

Steps for using acne needles:

  1. Disinfect the acne needle with alcohol first

Soak the needle in about 75% alcohol for about 20 minutes and dry with a dry gauze

  1. Pick and squeeze acne

Pick the cuticle with a needle to make blackheads, pimples, turn up and pick the subcutaneous part of the fibrous tissue. To squeeze, place the pimple opening in the middle of the circle and press down until the hole hits the edge of the steel wire. If you can’t squeeze out, try turning around

  1. After picking out acne care

Treat acne wounds with a medicinal cotton swab, wait for the wound to dry and rinse with clean water, then spray with pore refining toner

Precautions when using acne needles:

  1. acne needle disinfection

Be sure to disinfect your hands and face before use. This is the most basic and important step, if not enough attention, bacteria contact acne, can infect acne wounds, causing more trouble

  1. force to control

After sterilizing, gently Pierce the white part of the acne with the tip of the acne needle. This step needs to master the strength, pay attention to the technique, must maintain 90 degrees vertical.

  1. suitable for acne needle acne

No inflammation, acne symptoms are not deep or shallow can be picked. If the acne has not yet reached the “ripe” time, or acne is too deep or for a long time without inflammation, it is best not to pick.

Everyone has the heart of beauty, acne needle acne beauty method has to follow the rigorous scientific operation process. So that we can make the majority of people in the face of the eyes, for showing their own style and confidence.

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