The correct use of makeup brushes

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If you want to paint a beautiful and beautiful makeup, make-up tools are essential. We know more about beauty eggs. Beauty eggs are used to apply liquid foundation, but do you know about makeup brushes? If you often use a makeup brush to make up, you will understand that the makeup brush can help you to decorate a complete and exquisite makeup. You want your makeup to look natural in others’ eyes. Beautiful makeup brushes are essential. Makeup brushes can help. You can modify the face shape, help you draw the eye shadow effect you want, and also help you to improve the skin color and other makeup effects. In general, a makeup brush can help you get all the makeup, but your makeup brush is useful. Is it right? Do you clearly understand its use and efficacy? Come and learn how to use the makeup brush.

1. Fan brush

The fan brush is the largest brush in all makeup brushes. It can be used to help you clean up the excess powder on your face. For example, every time you use the loose powder to fix your makeup, you will have some powder on your face. You can use it after finishing the makeup. The fan-shaped brush sweeps away the excess loose powder on the face, making the makeup look clean and clear, and sometimes it can also be used to brush the highlights of the cheekbones.

2. Fixed makeup powder brush

Different makeup brushes and fan-shaped brushes are different from the round brush heads. The brush heads are also relatively large. They are used for finishing makeup after finishing the foundation. The loose powder or powder is brushed to the face, and the texture of the powder is scattered. It is gentle, very good powder can help you evenly sweep the face loose powder, you can also use it to apply blush, but the blush brush and the loose powder brush are best used separately.

3. Repair brush

The repairing brush is different from the loose powder brush. The repairing brush is smaller than the loose powder brush and most of them are oblique heads or elliptical heads. It can help you to repair your face, repair the nose and cheeks, and apply the repairing paste. Time can help you sweep evenly.

4. Foundation brush

In fact, there are many types of foundation brushes, but most of the matching foundation brushes that we can often see in the makeup brush are the ones on the picture. This foundation brush is flat and can be used to evenly apply the liquid foundation. It is not easy to suck powder, but it is more difficult for novices to operate, because it is not easy to apply evenly, and many beauty bloggers prefer to use the foundation brush, which is easy to clean and clean.

5. Eye shadow brush

The types of eye shadow brushes are the most, and the eye shadow brushes in a set of makeup brushes account for about half of them, but if you want to draw a delicate makeup, you can’t do without eye shadow brush. The eye shadow brush can help your eyes with good color. It’s more uniform, and it looks a lot more delicate. It’s the most inconvenient for us to draw eye shadows. After all, it’s very detailed, so eye shadow brush is essential in makeup.


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