The steps of good-looking makeup can’t be wrong! Do you know these correct makeup steps?

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How to make a good-looking make up? Come check out these correct makeup steps! Do not want too much cosmetics to hurt your skin then using skin care products! The skin is moisturized and the makeup is more beautiful and natural.

Daily skin care steps are as follows: Cleansing, toner, eye cream, essence, lotion. Based on the personal needs to increase or decrease skin care varieties!




People are in contact with the sun every day and they don’t want the skin to get older too fast and hurt too much. Pick the sunscreen that suits you and apply it evenly on your face!

2.Isolation / cream before makeup

The skin is dry and moisturized. The pores are thick and the invisible pores are selected. If the oil is too much, choose the oil control. If the skin color is uneven, you have to choose the skin color to correct the skin! I want to make the makeup more perfect and make a good foundation before the makeup!




Give your face a foundation according to your preferences! Simple and rude by hand, modify the skin dehydration with a cosmetic sponge, evenly and quickly brush with a foundation brush! A variety of foundation methods, the pursuit of perfect makeup, your various methods come together.


The stubborn shackles that can’t be covered one by one, you have to rely on concealer products as a good helper! A touch of light, spots, acne-printed light, perfect light makeup is complete!

5.Set makeup

If you want to make a long-lasting makeup, the last step is the most important thing. Make a wave of makeup products, take a proper amount of powder, and evenly swipe your face several times. Not afraid to take off makeup all the day.



6.Eye makeup

The most important and most important eye makeup is coming! It is also the hardest to get!

Eye makeup small steps: eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows

Eye shadow: first take a proper amount of light-colored eyeshadow, evenly apply it on the eyelids, then take a dark eye shadow, from the root of the eyelashes, layer by layer, from shallow to deep, gradually smudge, create a gradient effect, deep squatting!

Eyeliner: The distance between passers-by and the goddess is a perfect eyeliner! The handicapped party is fast practicing and fighting to be a goddess! Zoom in on both eyes, and the inner and outer eye lines will go into battle. After you have finished it, pay attention to fill the gap of the eyelashes and use the cotton swab to modify the sputum area so that the whole eyeliner is natural and not hard.

Mascara: first clip the eyelashes, then brush the mascara, then clip the eyelashes. Be careful not to take too much paste at once, don’t brush out the fly legs!

Eyebrows: The eyebrows can affect the whole make up. Please fix the eyebrows first, first use the eyebrow pencil to outline the entire eyebrow contour, then use the eyebrow powder to swipe the eyebrows and sweep out the natural layered eyebrows.



7.Lip makeup

First use a lip balm to make the lips moist and apply lipstick!




Create a natural good color, blush to help you, take a small amount of blush powder, swipe the apple muscles when you smile, watch your favorite, adjust the dosage, be careful not to change the monkey ass!



What are the perfect partners for makeup? Repairing up! Highlights, shadows, blush, do what you want and be yourself.


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