This thin face artifact is better than thin face needles, it reduces edema and thin face!

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Terresa Jade Roller (Rose)

Terresa Jade Roller (Rose)

We always pay more time in the situation of the face, but there is one important point which we often ignore-That is the facial lines on our face.

Piao Min King, which own the young and beautiful skin like a young girl, even her true age is 33 years old, but nobody believes, that is because she has an obvious facial line and also little face!

Actually, what makes the sense of the age for one female is the lines of your face shape. Why some people look older than their true age? It’s because their facial muscles have sagged.

Yeah, also if you have a big face, even you have some weight with the others, but you still be thought fatter than others.

So there is one common sense, whatever you are a sunflower face, round face or goose egg face, if you have obvious facial lines and ‘V’ face, you will be standing flock in most of the people.

So today I Just introduce one special beauty tool- which could help you own the ‘V’ face. It is the Terresa Jade Roller, it is made with the special jade,  handmade of 100% natural jade stone, give you a cool and smooth touch feeling to help shrink pores, fully moisturized skin with suitable serum will promote blood circulation, boost skin regeneration and strength the skin.

Also, there is 2 color you could choose, one is pink and the other is the green, the pink color looks cuter, and the green color looks cooler, just choose which one you prefer to, and start the ‘V’ face experience.

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