Tips for regularly cleaning and disinfecting makeup products

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Taking care of your makeup products is essential. Makeup products and brushes should be disinfected regularly, otherwise, they are easily infected with bacteria, which will cause many skin problems. If not cleaned regularly, not only the skin, eye products, and lip products can also cause infections to the eyes and lips. Makeup care products depend on how often you use them. However, the cleaning process is different for each makeup product. They all require different types of care and cleaning processes. So here we provide tips for cleaning and disinfecting various cosmetics. Check them out below.


Keep rubbing the alcohol at any time, then spray it on the exposed part of lipstick or chopsticks, then wipe it off with a paper towel. In this way, you can maintain the hygienic level of lipsticks.


Eyeliner and Crayon

Do not share your eyeliner with others, or you will get an infection. Also, sharpen pencils and crayons to remove old layers before each use. Also, don’t forget to wipe and disinfect with some alcohol before using the sharpener with a cotton ball.

Eye shadow, blush, and powder

To disinfect eye shadows, blushers, highlighters, compacts, bronzers, always use a brush to clean. Therefore, before each use, clean the paper towel and wipe the brush. You can also spray some rubbing alcohol on it.


Brushes and sponges

Cleaning brushes or sponges depends on how often they are used. If you use it twice or three times a week, clean it with antibacterial hand sanitizer once a week. You can also use some disinfectants. Spray some foundation alcohol on your foundation brush and wipe it off with a clean paper towel.

Creams and gels

Never apply any cream or gel on your face with your fingers. Always use a brush. For skincare products, always use spatula to use them.



Mascara spools can easily catch bacteria and cause irritation. Therefore, change mascara every three months to maintain eye hygiene.

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