User Experience of Terresa Eyelash Growth Serum Kit

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Jerome Ewing

I have been using both the day and night serums for about a week now and I really can say that I can see results. My lashes are definitely filling in and look so much longer and thicker when I apply mascara. I think that as I continue to use the serums that my eyelashes will only continue to grow. Excellent product!

Ravi Cottrell

Absolutely love this product. I have always had short eyelashes, and I have wanted something that would make a difference. This serum is easy to apply, and it has no scent! It is very perfect size for convenience. Amount of product for the price is awesome. I have only had the chance to apply it for 3 days, but my eyelashes already look different to me. Cant wait to see more results!

Teegan Wade

So its been about a week since I’ve been using this and i can honestly say i see a difference! I had my brows microbladed like 2 years ago and this spot in my brows wouldnt grow any hair after i appied this and there are already hairs growing in the spot! 

Clive Hyde

I just started using this today so I will update in a few days to show the progress. I do love the packaging and it came with a little measure so you can keep up with how well your lashes are growing. I’m super excited to see how well this works!! 🙂

Lyndon Meyer

I have been using this stuff for over and week and can totally tell a difference on my lashes and my brows. My lashes are looking much fuller. I love that there is a nighttime and daytime serum. Most serums that I’ve tried are only for the nighttime. You don’t have to apply a whole lot of it and once you put on the daytime serum you can put your mascara on with no problem. It hasn’t irritated my eyes at all.

Zachery Beard

 This is a great value! Comes with both daytime and nighttime serums. It also comes with a helpful tool to help you measure your eyelashes. Bonus points for the instructions that are included (as we all know, a ton of these kinds of things come with no instructions what so ever ) 

Jadon Woodward

This is really nice eyelash serum. I love that it comes with two. One for night and one for day. The application brush is thin making it easy to apply and I have had no problems with it irritating my eyes at all. It’s also nice that I can apply my makeup right after using this. 

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