Warm Living Coral As The Representative Color of 2019

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Pantone announces its annual representative color for the year 2019. Following the shocking UltraViolet in last year, “Color of the Year” of this year is Living Coral!

color of the year 2019

Pantone expressed that Living Coral is a very warm color, full of vitality and mellow feeling.

living coral of the year 2019

For collocation, it will not act younger as the pink color does, and not be strong-willed as red be. And it can be used for everyday life and work commutes, which is not so selective for occasions.

living coral dressing

For makeup, it is suitable for lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow. And coral color is the most popular color in a make-up circle. Any part of your face can be used in this color which has the effect of neutralizing your skin color. As a result, the entire makeup face becomes warm.

living coral makeup

For the manicure, such a color is more suitable for the spring and summer when heavy burdens are abandoned. It will give you a sense of lightness to go to the island for a holiday when painting on your fingers, and all your body will feel light and sunny at then.

living coral manicure

Living coral, which is derived from the color of living coral in the sea, is bright and full of vitality.

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