What tools do you need to paint your own eyebrows? Teach you to quickly draw a delicate look.

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For most girls, eyebrows are a very important step in their daily makeup. If the eyebrows are well painted, it will not only make the girls’ eyes look more beautiful, but also make the whole person look more beautiful. But for make-up novices, it’s not that easy to draw eyebrows at once. Because painting eyebrows not only requires enough patience and care, but also requires everyone to master certain skills.

For girls who want to master the thrush skills quickly, try the following five steps: They can help you draw a delicate and beautiful eyebrows faster and easier.


The first step is to prepare a tool for eyebrow shaping.

The eyebrows should be well-painted, and the preparation work must not be less. Especially the tools for the thrush must be fully prepared. This is the guarantee for improving the quality of the eyebrows. Therefore, before painting the eyebrows, you need to prepare six basic tools: eyebrow knives, eyebrow scissors, eyebrow clips, double eyebrow pencils, eyebrow stickers, and eyebrow powder. Many of the thrush and eyebrow suits contain these tools, so you just need to find them and find them.

The second step is to trim the eyebrows.

The eyebrows must be neat and smooth, so that the eyebrows drawn will be docile and look more refined. So before the thrush, we must carefully trim the eyebrows. When trimming, you can first put the eyebrows on the eyebrows, and use the eyebrow pencil to outline the desired eyebrows. Then use the eyebrow to remove the excess eyebrows and trim the basic shape of the eyebrows. For the eyebrows that grow upside down, you must use the eyebrow clips to pull them one by one, and the long eyebrows should be cut short with the eyebrows.

The third step is to draw the outline of the eyebrows.

After the eyebrows are trimmed, we need to mark the brows, the brows, and the eyebrows with a hard eyebrow pencil, then connect the three lines with thin lines and put the lower half of the eyebrows according to the contour of the trim. Also painted. Many people find it difficult to outline eyebrows, but for those girls who are not very skilled in thrush techniques, doing this more will make the thrush easier, and it will greatly enhance the three-dimensionality of the eyebrows.


The fourth step is to fill the eyebrows.

After drawing the outline, it is much easier to fill the eyebrows. Choose the eyebrow powder that is similar to the color of your eyebrows. Use the eyebrow brush to pick a little and brush backward from the position of the brow. As the eyebrows are thinner, the finer the eyebrows are, so you must pay attention to adjust the angle of the brush in time. Never brush it out of the outline. In addition, we must also pay attention to the concentration of eyebrows on both sides must be consistent, do not be a deep, a shallow, so it is very embarrassing to draw.

In the fifth step, the eyebrows are evenly smudged.

Although this step seems to be dispensable, the actual effect after painting is quite different. After filling the eyebrow shape, remember to use the other end of the eyebrow pencil, that is, the spiral eyebrow brush, gently brush the eyebrows from the inside and the outside twice, and evenly smudge the color of the eyebrow powder. This will make our eyebrows look more natural, as if they were the eyebrows that they grew up.

After doing these five steps, a natural and delicate eyebrow is drawn. Therefore, as long as you master the correct steps of the thrush and do the details of each step, it is very simple to draw a favorite eyebrow.

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