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makeup brushes

As it is known to all, eye makeup is important for a lady. However, what is the necessary tool for this? Here come three essential eye makeup brushes.

Flat Brush ( Eyeshadow Brush)

As its name implies, it is a brush with flat design. And it is mainly used for coloring. When using this type of brush, patting and pressing slightly is adopted for better coloring.

Depending on its size, it is suitable for both foundation and details to apply.

eyeshadow brushes

Detail Brush (Short Eye Crease Brush)

The detail brush is a kind of C-shaped brush. The bristles are solid and well-colored. It is mainly used to deal with the details of the eye makeup. With its precise size and solid bristles, it has good control of coloring range.

Detail Brush

Pencil Brush (Long Eye Crease Brush )

It could be also called a cone brush. The pointed design is suitable for eyeshadow on the upper eyes. Besides, it is also a good choice for smudging the entire eye makeup.

Pencil Brush

Three different types of eyebrow brushes play their own role in eye makeup. It is suggested to use each one brush with one color for better cleaning. With these, you could easily get an exquisite eye make-up.

Do you get the right way of using eyeshadow brushes?

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